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released February 16, 2017

drums- marko
bass - nemanja
guitar - sale
vocals - damjan

all songs by радост-страдање - written sep-dec 2016
intrumentals recorded dec 24th 2016
vocals recorded dec 26th dec 2016
live raw unedited
engineer mix master - damjan
thanks to all our friends

digital release - LAAD Records
cassette release - Castrato Records



all rights reserved


Life As A Dream Records London, UK

We believe true art should be expression first, entertainment second, and a product never.

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Track Name: too late
there are 2 bright lights headed straight for me
i've got a choice for the man i could be
i could be all my own whole and free
or choose the shadows of uncertainty

my dear i can tell you there'll be nothing left
when on the 2 of us the sun has set
in the darkness at last, this one word you'll get
when its too late you'll understand the meaning of regret
Track Name: bloom
new city
new lands
new friends
new bands
grow out of whats holding you
bloom from whats surrounding you
Track Name: close my mind
i close my mind
to the sights and the sounds
and the smells of
the things i wish i could not be
but in the end i know they are all a part of me
Track Name: cosmic choices
cosmic choices
distorted voices
and a year of sleepless nights
flip the coin
roll the dice
now toss and turn
was it right
i changed the rain for snow
for things i do not know
a worldy test of my own might
Track Name: мајка
yes you've seen a lot and its looked right back at you
there's character and personality to you its true
my character is hidden in plain sight
each one of my bear bricks showing my plight

and the potholes you avoid
and the smells and the noise
each of them tells their story too

i've been here longer than you can think
from my forests you are breathing from my rivers you drink
i've looked out for you
and you looked out for me

but your eyes wont let you see
that i am your father and your mother
and they are raping me
cautiously, slowly, bit by bit,
in plain sight - but secretly
they are raping me
Track Name: ignorance bound
i am you and you are me
two eyes were given equal to we
together lets cage the illusion of free
in our separate forms as one we will be

one foot up and one foot down
all standing on one piece of ground
deceiving each other about secrets we've found
while time moves eternal, to our ignorance bound

well cant you see what this all means
it means there's no magic in the last of our beans
the answer has grown plain for all to see
your roots are rotten - there's no fruit on your trees
Track Name: пут
there aren't enough roads in this city
to show you how far i've come
the tarmac stretches out like a long grey tongue
i'm told ill get more to taste the farther i run
Track Name: радост-страдање
today i woke up from a dream
today i woke up from a lie
no more denial of the things i've seen
of my own heart
my own mind
my own eye
Track Name: let this earth burn
she didn't carry the world on her shoulders
she let it out in her tears
each drop refracted the planet
through her sadness and fears,
the salty taste like rotten fruit
disappointment unimagined
urges unexamined
confusion in her pupils
let this earth burn
to rid itself
of infest
of disease
of us