Craters Of War

by The CockRockets

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Written 2009-10.
Recorded, mixed and mastered @ Warlock Studios by Edd Amos, London UK, 2010


released May 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Life As A Dream Records London, UK

We believe true art should be expression first, entertainment second, and a product never.

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Track Name: My Beloved War
Do you remember the year, of 1939
What a lot of fun we had, crossing the border lines
Not just in Europe and Asia, but in Africa too
Every time the world is at war, it is great for me and you

And what of the all the reasons they give, all the great excuses
Don’t they know that you have, so many uses
Not only changing the course of, our history
But also killing our men, giving us our blood money

You give me the strength to carry on,
When I'm feeling blue
You give me the power that I want,
When I go to you
Through great obsession I know,
I need more
This is a love letter to you
my beloved war

How I hate it when you leave when, we must part ways
I wont forget the blood and death of, our happiest days
There's nobody else quite like you, nobody that compares
I want you to know its only with you, this destruction that I share

You give me the strength to carry on,
When I'm feeling blue,
You give me the power that I want,
When I go to you,
Thru greed and obsession I know that,
I need more,
This is a love letter to you my,
Beloved war,

Was it worth it in the end, to lose the brother or the friend,
To send them to a war, that’s leaving us so poor,
Track Name: Media-Washing
Good morning, two thousand and ten,
It already feels like the end,
If the terror don’t get you today,
The virus won’t let you get away,

Switch on the TV, someone’s been killed,
And your stocks are nil,
Don’t have the money for our cream,
This will be the end of your dream,

I won’t let you, medicate me into fear,
I won’t let you brainwash me,
I hope I’m not the only person, who can see,
Just, what is real,

You won’t be able to make friends,
no-one will ever want you,
But they all act surprised,
When you shoot in the schools,

You wonder why we are so depressed,
And everyone suffers from stress,
It’s all the bollocks you feed us,
On our TV sets,

You won’t medicate me!
You can’t brainwash me!
I know I’m not the only,
One, who can see!
Track Name: Blindly Follow
Where is the fear that should be in me,
Where is the power that I should feel,
Who is the man that is judging me,
Where did I falter, when should I kneel,
We’ve never felt this way before,
We’ve never felt so alone,
Is it us or is there something more,

You won’t scare me,
You can’t intimidate me,
I won’t let you make me,
Blindly Follow,

Is this what you wanted,
Is this what we worked for,
When is it time to feel,
Like we’ve done anything,
How many times have we fallen down,
How many times has somebody pick us,
Out of the ground,

You won’t scare me,
You can’t intimidate me,
I won’t let you make me,
Blindly Follow,
Track Name: Civilised
So afraid of your own fucking shadow,
Now you have nowhere to turn,
Busy making enemies,
Your bridges are now burned

Make a profit in war,
Make a profit in death,
Oh what a shame that your prophet,
Just wasted his dying breath,

Nobody walks away from war,
With clean hands
We can’t walk away from it,
You cripple with your demands,

Don’t try to save face,
You destroy another race,
Bombing smaller nations,
Now they are Civilised!
Track Name: What's The Point?
Look at the children, playing in the street,
How many of them, would you want to meet,
In 10 years time, on the front line,
No fun and games when they're expected to die.

What is the point,
What do you gain,
We are from one,
We are all the same,
Forget the race, religion or name,
When you spend our money on bombs,
You fill us with shame,

Now think of the enemy,
Think of their hopes and their dreams,
Their kids playing on the same streets,
As friends and neighbors they will never meet,

A uniform is not a face,
A flag is not a race
Kill a man, destroy a home,
He was your best friend, you didn’t know?

It makes no sense
Its ignorance
Face the consequence
Track Name: Think For Yourself
I won’t let anyone fuck with my mind,
If I want even half a chance to survive,
Government don’t care what I think,
They want my money so they don’t sink,

Think for yourself!
If you want a better life
Think for yourself!
If you want to survive

Religions all spit the same old shit,
No spirituality here, just fill us with fear,
Who really cares what grades I get?
Banks just want me, in their debt,

Think for yourself!
If you want a better life
Think for yourself!
If you want to survive
Think for yourself!
If you still have your own mind
Think for yourself!
If you don’t want to die
Track Name: Let Them Sit
Here’s something for you to read again
Extra!! Extra!!
Another public scandal
Another political vandal

Let them sit on parliament square
Where our dirty laundry they can air
And shout about the things that are not fair
In this disunited kingdom

Lie to us once again
Don’t try to fake any shame
Our questions will go unanswered
while you keep playing your games

gutted like a piece of meat
rotting, living on the streets
unemployed, overqualified
you promises are again,
Track Name: We Don't Wanna Die
Why won’t you grow up,
Stop playing at war,
You’re running this planet,
through the floor.

We’re not impressed by your
hunter-killer bombs,
This mentality, it’s wrong,

Hey guess what, we don’t wanna die,
We’ve had enough of, fighting to survive,
Your time is up now, we have seen through your lies,
War is not the answer, when will you realise?

Fuck your hopes,
And fuck your dreams,
Forget everything you thought this life would be,
Nothing is fair and nobody’s free,
In this demo-fascist hypocrisy,
Track Name: Craters Of War
As a people we can’t look back in time,
To a place of pain, of inhumane crime,
Where not only soldiers lost their lives,
But also those not on front lines,

Whether we were beaten in the streets,
Butchered and burned like rotten meat,
Or if our families fell at our feet,
It is time to stop, and the enemy greet,

They say that time has the power to heal,
But for most this pain is still very real,
Like yesterday, ten years ago can feel,
And the fate of our children that pain may seal,

To move forward we can’t look back,
But this new path may be a rougher track,
We must all be willing this risk to take,
If the shackles of war we wish to break,

To forget the death of our fathers is sin,
But this stalemate nobody will win,
And our children should stand to inherit more,
Than the corpse of a country filled with craters of war,

Soon it will be time, for the next generation to stand,
To nurture and protect our beautiful land,
It is on their watch that this pain must end,
And for friends, now enemies, to make amends,

To take the tools that dug trenches and graves,
To build schools and homes with those same spades,
And together the scars of war to erase,
So that our children may have somewhere to play,

And one day to have something of their own,
To be proud to announce it, their home,
Content in the knowledge that their parents - us,
Had stood up and said, “Enough is enough.”
Track Name: Wish Us Luck
Lie to each other, then lie to me,
Lie about every single thing,

Enough is enough, what’s left for us,
On the brink of failure, now you wish us luck,

Take what I worked for, and what I hold dear,
Divide and Conquer, Control us with fear,

Thanks to you there is nothing left,
Taken everything, now our innocence,

Enough is enough, what’s left for us,
On the brink of failure, now you wish us luck,
Track Name: Braindead People
I don’t know who I am,
I don’t know what I want,
I don’t know where I’m going,
We’re all the same; we don’t have a brain,
Or a brain cell, between us,

Brain-dead people doing stupid things,
Brain-dead people with their diamond rings,
Brain-dead people eating Maccy D’s,
Brain-dead people, glued to their TVs,

Follow what you tell me,
Think how you tell me,
Do what you tell me,
Don’t question anything,

I don’t wanna know,
I don’t need to know,
You just numb my brain,
With your TV shows,
Track Name: Shark-Tooth Ministers
The who, the what, the when, the why,
While daughters, wives and mothers cry,
Do soldiers and sons deserve to die,
When our planes aren’t even fit to fly,

We are the ones dying for you, but you don’t have a clue
You owe us more than you know (we owe you nothing!)
We are the ones following you, but you don’t have a clue
You owe us more than you know (we owe you nothing!)

Weighed down heavy with bags of kit,
That offer no protection, useless shit,
While our minister’s fake sincerity,
And rape us of our prosperity,

They smile and lie through gritted teeth,
While the poorest of ours have nothing to eat,
Try to build morale; proud nationalities,
But our countries can barely stand on their feet,

Mine for diamonds and drill for oil,
Sowing trees of money, on foreign soil,
Don’t care for the blood, the death and toil,
Or if our relations begin to boil,

That is enough, we wont eat from your trough
Fed bullshit and lies, just trying to hide
The man with a plan is a puppet, a tool,
But the donkeys following, are the biggest fools.

Because profit made in times of peace,
Is nothing compared to what war can reap,
Investing young lives, it’s less than cheap,
As shark-toothed ministers smile, and take their seats.