Culture Of Nothing EP


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The second release by P R I N C I P.
Written, recorded, mixed and mastered by DS Summer-Autumn 2016
at THE HOUSE, Serbia.



released April 30, 2017



all rights reserved


Life As A Dream Records London, UK

We believe true art should be expression first, entertainment second, and a product never.

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Track Name: This Is What You're Bred For
look what you've become
dead children at the end of your gun
look what we've become
a dead planet the price of your fun

this is what you're bred for

the truth is, there's only one reason you exist
well dressed uniform scum
born and raised on a diet of guns

this is what you're bred for
this is what you've bled for

fighting for peace
there will be no release
brainwashed civilians
making excuses for your empire of abuses
Track Name: Fucking Killing
we watch you beg borrow and steal
repackage lies behind blues eyes
call them mad those who understand
your cheap blonde curls a whores disguise


watch your models killing no feeling
pay them millions to indoctrinate
your children watching learning growing
based on a diet of a culture of nothing


follow their heroes
watch them:
fucking killing
fucking killing
fucking killing
fucking killing
Track Name: Fuck Anyone Who Isn't Me
you will take anything you want
any excuse to get what you need
lie about the things we can't see
keep your crimes safe overseas

placate your goons with shiny plastic toys
drive them fast fuck them hard a playground for boys
reward their egos rewards for death
a competition for who kills best

fuck the poor
fuck the black
fuck the brown
fuck the red
fuck the yellow

fuck anyone who isn't me
fuck anything i can't see
fuck anyone who disagrees
Track Name: Stop Defending Them
behind closed doors behind drawn curtains
evil has gathered of that you can be certain

monsters of a like mind pick and choose who's going to die
they're not like you and me how can't you see?

when you make excuses you normalise an empire that's killed millions
it lies to you and me it doesn't want us to see what's really happening
they don't care about you that should be obvious we're living on their streets
they're taking everything from us and they'll take everything from you